Care plans and shift notes

Comprehensive care record system for person-centred outcomes

care-Log+ places care plans at the centre of a care home resident's document set and integrates them fully with all aspects of the system to achieve a truly person-centred outcome. Care plans can be viewed side by side with health assessments, risk assessments, body maps, social care background (life story), the resident's diary and, of course, shift notes.

The software design brings true flexibility to this integration. Care plans can be directly linked to a carer's shift notes, so recordings that suggest a care home resident's condition may be worsening, for example, can automatically enforce reviews of any related care plan. Similarly, completion of a health or risk assessment that flags a medium or high risk score can instantly prompt the evaluation of a care plan (or the creation of one if necessary).

Flexible record keeping that can be tailored to your needs

As with all care documents the shift notes are definable and present relevant prompts with associated easy-to-use dropdown options. They can be modified by the user to reflect different types of care provision or even tailored to a specific resident. Care plans can be about an individual health condition (such as continence or mobility) or can be holistic and structured per shift, period of the day or even the whole day.

For more information about creating comprehensive care plans and shift notes with our care-Log+ care home management system, talk to one of our team on 01892 834406. You can also watch a video on managing care records with care-Log+ and read about our everyday essentials version of this software.

At a glance...

  • Person-centred care plans are fully integrated with shift notes, health and risk assessments

  • Care plans can be created using standard text from blank, from editing standard text or copying from one resident to another

  • Shift notes automatically flag any deterioration in condition and prompt subsequent actions