Staff and training record management

Manage care and HR information with the same flexible system

All care homes need suitably qualified staff to provide a full range of care and supporting services for residents. That’s why easyLog’s care-Log+ solution features a complete staff record management system covering personal information, contact details, training, induction, qualifications, supervisions and previous employment.

There is also a facility to store document attachments and renewal information, for visas and CRB checks for instance. Alerts can be set up in the software for all these items when time limits are reached – for example, when training is due or supervision required.

Keep up-to-date with training

Training records are held in a training matrix document, colour-coded to highlight current competencies, those due to be renewed and any that have expired. Details include training organisation, assessor name, costs and certification.

Find out more

For more information about managing your staff HR records with easyLog’s care-Log+ care home management system, talk to one of our team on 01892 834406.

At a glance...

  • Complete employee HR record, including emergency contacts and previous employment

  • Record supervisions along with follow up actions

  • Full colour-coded training matrix per employee to highlight any requirements